Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Australia ComPost

Finally after a 24 year wait and three failed ebay attempts I own The Boneless Ones Skate For The Devil LP. An epic addition in 80's Californian hardcore skate punk/rock legend. And I can barley wipe the smile of my face.
I was literally biting my nails waiting for this record to come. Because me and Australia Post have a shaky relationship, due to my incessant complaining about there shit service. They once shoved a 7" single in my tiny letter box which had the sun shining on it for half the day. I'm sure you know the conclusion to that story. But wait it gets better. So true to form, whilst mid "session" with a buddy. A knock on the door from a fellow unit dweller. And thank god he was a musician and honest, holding my record, luckily undamaged. Aussie Post had placed it on his door, even though it was clearly addressed to me. And aside from that, leaving it on the doorstep of a complex of 36 unsecure units boggles the mind.
Anyway, I got my record and all is good. 10 Foot Boneless!
Fuck you Australia Compost!

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