Sunday, May 27, 2012

talking shit

Why I love street photography

Iv'e been (consciously) shooting street photography for about 6 months now, and I think I'm addicted.    Particually, because of the drive to get that awesome shot, and partly because of rush it provides when shooting at an around random strangers. Also the situations it can produce.

But I'm a relatively shy person, so starting the days shooting is a positively daunting and pant soiling activity. I recently read a blog from one of my favourite skateboarders and his mate. A couple of first time rock climbers. They didn't start climbing small faces at first. No. They went full steam and preceded to climb a 3000 ft monolith. What I could relate to was there recounting of being, almost at the end of there climb, and how they were still struck by terror at starting the new days climb.

I get the same feeling every time I take my first street shot of the day! My heart starts racing, I get fidgety (which doesn't help to be conspicuous) I then proceed to denounce street photography and tell myself I'm an idiot, and what are you really doing. But I fight it, push the down the shutter. Click! Walk away, buzzed out, waiting for a punch to the back of my head, or a verbal stoush. Nothing! So I get a little more bold. By the fourth or fifth shot It all makes sense why "I lud dis shit"

Peeps! All the photos you see here where taken with film cameras I got for under $10 from op shop's.

I encourage you all to buy a cheap film camera, or ask a uncle, aunt or grandparent if they have one. Then go hit the streets (you'll be glad you did) Remember, get close and don't worry about perfect exposure and all that crap (I respect it but it's not the be all) Just get a good photo, I hope I get there one day.

See you out there streetogs.


  1. Nice write-up Mr Rats.

    More articles like this please, and, see you on the streets my friend.

  2. Saw your bag @ JCH...nice! Keep shooting bro!

  3. Thank you from down under sir