Monday, June 25, 2012

Film, Digital And Camera Types In Street Photography

Film vs Digital. Who cares really? I like both and I shoot with both. Having said that, all of my street photos are shot on film. And there's a couple of reasons for this. I like the look of film, and, the type of camera that, (I feel) works well for street shooting. Personally I prefer a "Rangefinder" or a small discreet, point and shoot type of camera. But that's me and I don't know shit. But I find these cameras are almost invisible, and don't spook potential subjects. In fact, most times aren't even noticed till your walking away, shot taken. But film cost's coupled with low success rates can be quite disheartening, all though winning shots more than make up for it.
However DSLR's and SLR's too a degree, are large and very noticeable and can render a situation unnatural, possibly scaring a prospective subject. Thus ruining a shot. But with DSLR's, digital happy snaps and even Iphones, you get consistantly good shots (and no hair see the second shot above) that you can preview and delete at your fancy. Here in lies the problem. Often, you spend more time looking at an LCD screen, editing, than you do taking photos. so a lot of the time you miss what's going on around you. Hint, edit when you get home.
Either way, just get out there and shoot. Here's a couple of tips I use when street shooting.
1. Get close.
2. Get closer.
3. Don't be shy, but don't be rude, a fine line sometimes.
4. Thank your subject, and if they get shitty say something like, your face looks great in this light. Or, your munted head will make my friends laugh when I show them... Don't say that.
5. Don't get too caught up with perfect exposure/focus. Just get a good photo, that will take care of the technicality's. But be aware of them, they are your friends.
6. Have fun! and send me your photos, I'll post my favourite ones here, that is if anyone reads this blog.


  1. Wise words, mate...
    found you via JCH - nice to see an Aussie in the mix of In Your Bag.
    Keep shooting... I like your eye

  2. Thank you very much em, I checked your site out. Wow! you are very talented!

  3. I shoot both film and digital as well. But it is more challenging here shooting street in Singapore as people are not that friendly here. I get questioned a lot because photography of public places here in Singapore usually invite questions of whether I am a terrorist and why am I shooting them and turning away? Do you get hostile treatment in Perth?

  4. Hey Kevin. No Iv'e not really received any hostile treatment in Perth, so far so good. Most people are cool and generally ask why I would want to take there photo. One technique I use is to shoot the photo, then thank the person, give them a compliment, and quickly move on. Good luck and shooting mate.

  5. I am a digital camera user. Now, I have very high interest to shoot using film. Your blog is inspiring. Regards from KL, Malaysia.